Owning an LMS might seem like accruing unnecessary expenses in the beginning but it offers loads of benefits in the long haul. An LMS gives every educator an edge in the digital age. With access to e-Learning, students are globally taught, there’s no limit to the number of students or any material damage. Schools and Institutions can now compete globally and not only in their local communities as resources are unlimited and everything is digitalized.

  1. Access to a Centralized Platform: There’s nothing more significant than having an LMS that can store all your learning materials in one location. The hassle of maintaining separate hard drives for students’ records, learning resources, and other important information is bypassed, all data is now on one platform, within a click of some keyboards. The risk of losing important data is minimized and the cloud solution makes it easy to access information from anywhere using any device with an internet connection. Students can have easy access to the lessons, activities, objectives, and resources: there’s no need to carry around giant bags to and from school daily.
  2. Effective Communication: From Announcements to in-app messaging, the Klasconnect LMS provides a portal of communication between students, teachers, and parents. All important information about activities and progress is conveyed on the go and this cancels the hurdle of miscommunication. For instance, everyone is in the loop of an emergency meeting, assignments, change of test due dates, and more. This also creates an opportunity for students to maintain healthy communication with their teachers.
  3. Time & Effort Saving: With multiple-choice questions being automatically graded, access to revisit courses, and automatic organization, there’s more than enough extra time for the teacher to focus on what is important. Many LMS solutions come with automatic grading for german and multiple-choice questions, which means that the extra time used in marking individually can now be used for being more productive. Materials can be organized by school year, subject, time created, and other criteria for students to locate on their software, which saves time and effort for the teacher. Courses can be reviewed and updated for the next set of students without hassle.
  4. A More Transparent Feedback System: Feedback is vital for improving a student’s performance. Teachers and Parents can share feedback swiftly and be sure they’re being worked on. These feedbacks can also be revisited as they are stored automatically on the software. Progress can easily be tracked via this feedback system.
  5. Access to In-Depth Performance Tracking: An LMS provides much more than grades, attendance, and performance reviews. It provides data to track progression with learning which gives deep insights that help institutions make more informed decisions. Teachers can easily identify students who need extra support, gaps are identified, and encouragements are duly given. Different key performance indicators can be set, based on the institution’s preference, for tracking students’ interaction with courses, how much time they spend on assignments, what devices they are using, and so much more.
  6. It’s Easier to Switch to Remote Learning: A learning management software allows learning in a variety of places, the learning environment doesn’t have to be stagnant. A student’s education can be at their homes and they’ll be getting value & comfort, making education available and accessible to all. In the instance that a student has to travel or move and will be unable to attend a physical class, there’s no better bet than an LMS.
  7. Social Learning Integration: An Lms also allows you to integrate social learning into your e-Learning strategy to promote collaborations and competition. Social Media platforms such as official groups, Facebook, Twitter, etc can also be linked to the platform easily.

The key to getting the best out of your LMS is to find the right solutions for your schools. At Klasconnect offers options available and give free trials & demos to all our potential clients before purchase. This helps you to make the best decision about if the LMS suits your needs.

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