Features to look out for during your LMS demo: Get a Free LMS demo on Klasconnect.com

When looking for the perfect LMS for your company, school, or institute, it is crucial to check out additional features apart from results, announcements, and user-friendliness. A few of the features you might want to look for include:

Intuitive User Interface

All the above-named LMS features may be rendered ineffective if you don’t know how to utilize the LMS. The Learning Management System should have an intuitive user interface that’s easy to use. For example, dashboards that give you a general overview of your online training course. This is one of the key LMS features to assess when you’re testing out the tool during a free trial or demo.

Customizable Reporting

While looking out for the most common LMS reports and analytics such as learner performance and progress tracking is important, it is advisable to choose a platform where you can customize metrics to your taste & style. Most LMS platforms come with pre-built reports that cover general metrics that are not necessarily tailored to your needs. This lets you focus on online training metrics that matter most to your institution.

Brand Integration

An LMS that allows you integrate your logo, color scheme, and other essential branding elements is always a great option. It is essential that your icons and watermarks are being seen as this helps to accurately convey your brand image through your training materials.

Collaborative Learning Tools

Can the LMS handle peer-to-peer interactions? A lot of beneficial learning opportunities come from peer-based resources, such as online discussions, social media groups, group collaboration projects, and other collaborative activities. If your LMS platform does not have an interactive chat box, you may want to reconsider.

Personalized Learning Paths

The secret to successful online training experiences is personalization. Your corporate learners need online training tools and resources that address their specific gaps and goals, instead of “one size fits all” online training materials that miss the mark. Some LMS platforms allow you to create personalized learning paths and non-linear course maps. For example, corporate learners are able to choose online training activities and assessments based on their own performance gaps. Thus, they have the power to continually improve without having to keep up with their peers.

Multiplatform Accessibility

Will the online training course be accessible on any device? Can it be downloaded for when there’s no internet access? A truly effective LMS should be responsive and multiplatform-friendly. Likewise, learners can get the information they need anytime, anywhere, whether they prefer PCs or the latest smartphones. Furthermore, everyone should be able to enjoy the same online training experience and reap the same rewards.

Support Services

Is the LMS vendor available for support? Are you able to reach them via email when you encounter an issue? Or are their support services limited to an online FAQ? If there’s any doubt, ask the LMS vendor directly about the assistance they offer after you purchase the tool. They may be quick to answer emails and chat over the phone beforehand, but will they extend the same attention once you’ve invested in the software?

All of these features are available on the Klasconnect platform. With our LMS, you can

  • Deliver your own courses, learning programs and upskilling at scale.
  • Deliver and create successful learning programs and courses on your branded platform that activate learning and accelerate skill development. 
  • Engage learners by combining collaborative education, mentoring and performance management with engaging instructional content.
  • Our support team is always on standby to track progress and proper technical solutions. 

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