Blended Learning with Klasconnect: The new normal post-COVID-19

Blended learning is a wholesome approach to education that combines (traditional) classroom learning with (innovative) online learning techniques and resources, to improve learning and consistently deliver high levels of productivity. About two years ago, buoyed by significant success of blended learning in major countries around the world, Cyberfleet officially launched its Learning Management Software (LMS) called Klasconnect, to address crippling limitations of the traditional-only education system in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Klasconnect is a fully flexible, intuitive, and interactive LMS platform that promotes blended learning, while also bridging the gap between teachers/instructors and students, to enhance learning outcomes across primary, secondary, tertiary levels of education and other learning institutions.

Seeing as the on-going (COVID-19) pandemic continues to disrupt the status quo of learning globally, immensely affecting learning outcomes of schools and academic calendars, there is heightened demand and adoption of blended learning solutions. Based on this, it is clear that our ways of life, particularly concerning education, will be forever changed. And this is why my team and I strongly believe that education in Nigeria during the post-COVID-19 era would significantly be in the form of blended learning.

Coincidentally, our platform — Klasconnect — is built to support this improved style of education, as certain challenges to the conventional learning practices in the country are carefully taken into consideration while developing this LMS solution.

Problem Overview

  1. Difficulties experienced by teachers /instructors in dispatching assignments to students.
  2. Physical submission of assignments by students.
  3. Challenges of making course materials available to students being constrained by location, time, etc.
  4. Course representatives/class captains not delivering complete information/announcements from teachers/instructors.
  5. The limited reach of school circulars for an important announcement.
  6. Paper-based multiple-choice and German tests and examinations.
  7. Issues with the grading of examination and collation of results.
  8. The frosty relationship between students and lecturers.
  9. Peer to peer discussion for students offering similar courses or collaboration during projects proved difficult.

Solution Overview

  1. E-Library System.
  2. Video Functionality.
  3. Assignment Module.
  4. Assessment & Grading System.
  5. Assignment Management System.
  6. Tests and Examinations module
  7. Event Manager & School Calendar.
  8. Forums.
  9. Application Support Module


  1. Klasconnect supports peer collaboration.
  2. With Klasconnect course materials are easily accessible with a real-time notification system.
  3. Using Klasconnect, teachers/instructors can dispatch assignments from the comfort of their office or home.
  4. Students can track deadlines of assignments and make submissions online without coming to classes.
  5. With Klasconnect, teachers/instructors can grade assignments and collate results instantly.
  6. Adoption of Klasconnect will make teachers/instructors conduct tests and examinations without any dependence on the School IT team for question upload.
  7. With Klasconnect teachers/instructors do not need to manually grade and collate results again, the system does these immediately after the examination is concluded.
  8. Teachers/instructors do not need to manually format exam result sheet with course details as the platform does that while exporting the results
  9. With Klasconnect lecturers can easily make announcements to students offering a course without relaying the message via a class representative.
  10. With Klasconnect information reach from the School management to all instructors /teachers and students are guaranteed with a click.
  11. Leveraging Klasconnect, students within a class/level can easily interact, teachers/instructors and students can have a one on one secured discussion.
  12. Using Klasconnect, institutions can have greater insight into teacher/instructors, and students’ activities to properly track learning progress.
  13. It helps students and teachers/instructors keep track of course timetable and exam timetable as an auto-calendar reminder
  14. Klasconnect makes learning easier for both teachers/instructors and students so as to become more productive.

In the spirit of humanity, the management of Cyberfleet is making the platform completely free during these trying times. Please reach out to us via for more inquiries.

In order to explore additional features of the application, kindly follow this link — Klasconnect, click on request for a demo, and check your email for login credentials subsequently.

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