It’s a new session again

It’s a new session again!! I know some people are excited and some are,well, not so excited.

I can assure you that it is to be expected. Sometimes we get excited and sometimes we simply are not. This happens as a result of a lot of things. I mean, you might be excited because you finally passed Nkechi who was always proud that she made first position three consecutive terms or simply that you finally get to see your best friends. It might as well be the other way, you might not be excited because you are the Nkechi that was passed or you just simply hate school.  

It really does not matter how you feel at the moment because make no mistake, one has to go through these different phases in life. Having different bouts of emotions is not just restricted to schooling experience, it happens in every aspect of life even down to best friend relationships What matters is the ability go through these phases with the right attitude and approach.

Schooling is no different!

And since it is a new session, you can have a fresh start and do things differently. You can change somethings, improve on some and do away with some things all begins with a new approach.

Changing things or even maintaining things for that matter, require planning which is what we are going to do for the new session. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

I would have called it a “new session resolution” but i know most people get defensive at the mention of the word “resolution” so we will just call it the THE NEW SESSION STRATEGY.

Below is a list of some suggested to-do’s for the session.


This is the first step to having a different approach to schooling. You may not be excellent in Maths or English or any subject, but never stop believing that you can improve. Look at whatever subjects you find hard to do this way; you never knew how to walk when you were born, but with lots of tripping and falling flat, face down, you now can walk. You may not understand everything now, but do not stop believing you can pass and do well this session. Just as you envisaged walking when you were a crawling baby, envisage passing that subject and keep at it no matter how long and often you fall face down.


Without a calender showing an overview of the terms’ timetable, activities and programs, you will most likely find yourself having to rush reading for tests and exams or even cramming for them because of inadequate time to read. A calender will help keep you focused at all times when you have a view of what comes next in the academic calender. Note however that activities always come up which is why it is important to keep an updated calender. The Klasconnect app is highly recommended when it comes to easing the updating of your calender.


With an overview of the academic calender, plan to bring up your grades by having study timetables or study groups. Select dates and time to study either individually or in groups as the case maybe and actually stick to them. Having study timetables and not sticking to them is as good as going to a doctor, getting drugs and not using them.

As much as having study timetables and groups are highly recommended to better grades, i realize that some students just do not like having study groups. So this is my suggestion to better your grades whether you are currently doing very well or not in terms of grade; add extra minutes to your reading time. You can start with five minutes, then seven,then ten and so on. Look at it as a challenge or even a game where your aim is to beat your current record.


Do not limit your schooling experience to just having good grades. There are lot of other things to do and discover in school that can make your experience fun and memorable like exploring your interests.

You may not know what your interests are until you discover them and what better time to discover them if not now? You can discover what your interests are by joining clubs, teams or associations in school. The beauty about exploring and discovering your interests is that it is a win-win situation. You get to do what you enjoy doing and if you get to lead in such teams, it can boost your CV and add to your acquired skills.


You need to know that everything we do now is geared towards the future. The very act of going to school is all in preparation for the future. That is why planning for the next step outside school is a wise decision. Look for possible jobs or engagements to do outside school. Discovering your interests is a good way to start knowing which direction you should be looking at. Cross check job requirements with what you are currently engaged in and begin that course or join the volunteer group or whatever the case may be to prepare you for the future.

The above strategies are just suggestions to make your experience this session worthwhile. However, you can add to it if you so wish. Whatever and whichever you choose to do, do not burden yourself with too much goals else you will get tired along the way. Just make sure they are SMART. Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound.

The Klasconnect team wishes you a exciting and adventurous session!!!

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