Back to school – 6 ways klasconnect can make it smooth for you


The back-to-school season is here once again. After the long summer break that felt like it wasn’t going to come to an end, the one question on everyone’s lips has been-

While you are still having a debate about being ready or not, here are six ways the klasconnect LMS can help settling into the new session easy and smooth for you, either as a student or a teacher.

Calendar : What’s an academic session without an academic calendar?

Having a prior knowledge of academic related activities (lecture hours, lecture venue and also lecturers)before resumption will get you prepared for the session.

Also, having a view of your lecture timetable coupled with your exam timetable for every subject offered in a term eliminates the traditional way of writing your timetable in a notebook or jotter, what is even more interesting about this feature is that every 1 hour to any lecture/class, an email notification is sent as a reminder to you.

With Klasconnect Calendar feature, you don’t have to worry about the location of the note or jotter your timetable was written, you  have access to an updated school calendar anywhere on campus.


My Subjects: Having a proper overview of the subjects you will be offering or the subjects a teacher will be teaching in a particular term is great. Not just that, you also get to know the teacher/lecturer taking the subject with the number of credit units attached to it. With this already in place, you are a step closer to having an awesome session.


Event and Task Manager: This is one of my favorite features which will be of great use to teachers and students. Asides from the fact that I get notified whenever a teacher/lecturer uploads an assignment, the event and task manager helps me in achieving a whole lot in a term which is quite interesting. So, whenever those notifications pop up randomly, it really keeps me on my feet. One thing about me is that I literally forget that I set some tasks, which is where the strength of this app comes into play, it reminds me 24hrs before the expiration of the task and also reminds me at the exact time I want to carry out the task. Even if I had forgotten that I wanted to start working on a project which I set reminder for since the beginning of the session, the app comes in as  a helper which makes it great. I want to implore everyone to explore this feature, get familiar with it and watch how this feature helps to make life easy for you.


Forums: The forums feature is actually the idea behind “Bridging the gap between teachers/lecturers and students”. Most especially for those of us that are too shy to talk in class, or do not know how to ask questions in class, well this feature gives you a room to have a one-on-one communication with your teacher/lecturer. And also when you as a teacher/lecturer notices something strange about your student, you could also use this as a means to reach out.  Students could also use this medium to interact with each other and have academic related discussions together as well. Explore this feature it’s really helpful for back-to-school period, it gives you a chance to interact with your new classmates and teachers before resumption.


My Library:  This awesome feature let’s teachers /lecturers prepare lecture notes and upload for their students even before resumption. It all depends on when the teacher/lecturer is willing to deploy the lecture notes to his/her students. Apart from the official resources section which is strictly for teachers, students can also upload materials in the “extra resources“ section, which makes it so cool.


Announcement: Information is power and it is essentially required for the continuous running of a school. Management need not worry about reliable delivery of memos to all teachers/lecturers or students. Thanks to Klasconnect, a teacher /lecturer can make an instant announcement with a real time notification sent to the concerned parties likewise relevant information from school management to teachers/lecturers and students. We call this “Information on the go”


Klasconnect is a learning management system aimed at making learning easier for students and teachers.

With these six features shared from klasconnect LMS, I hope you’ll be  able to have a smooth landing to start the new session.


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