Leveraging Technology for reliable delivery of learning resource

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The significance and benefit of timely delivery of course materials to students cannot be underestimated. We live in an era where a high number of our Universities still recourse to the traditional model of always printing materials and giving out to students via course representative. To further complicate this process, some lecturers are always compelled to use their emails to dispatch materials to students via an email group that might have students who are not offering the course.

We clearly understand this issue and know the adverse effect it has had on student performance even before and after conducting a thorough survey from students who are currently enrolled in Universities. Klasconnect all inclusive learning solution has a feature structured in the way Universities and High Schools operate by making the process much more efficient.

Klasconnect e-library system is sectioned into 2 modules, one for official resources while the other for extra resources. Only the lecturer /teacher have the privilege of sharing materials in the official resources section – which is an avenue to filter authentic course materials from the students for every course offered. Anytime an upload is done by a lecturer, all students offering that course receive an instant email notification alerting them of a material that is shared. The platform caters for several file formats ranging from pdf, doc, rtf, xlsx, ppt etc.

Moreover, the second part of the e-library system (extra resources) facilitate peer to peer sharing. This is similar in functionality as that of official resources but only exclusive for students offering the same set of courses. Students also have an option to share snapshots of questions and solutions via the picture /gallery section of the app. All sharing features attract a real time email notification to guarantee reliable delivery of academic course material.

Conclusively, the ultimate objective of Klasconnect leaning solution is to create a borderless learning community where students across various institutions can have access to academic materials regardless of their location, University or region. For additional information on Klasconnect LMS, you can check out the welcome page on klasconnect.com

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